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Ideas for Living Room Colors: Paint Palettes and Color Schemes

Living Room Color Ideas

Living Room Color Ideas Tan

Wall Paint Color: Abingdon Putty HC-99


Living Room Paint Ideas

Wall Paint Color: Shale 861


Living Room Color Schemes

Wall Paint Color: Iceberg 2122-50


Living Room Colors

Wall Paint Color: Autumn Purple 2073-20

For purple living room ideas and styling tips, have a look at my post here.


Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Wall Paint Color: Milano Red 1313

My post here is a mood board of red living room styling ideas


Paint Ideas for the Living Room

Wall Paint Color: Mesa Verde Tan AC-33

Grey is a popular living room color. For more grey color ideas and how to style the room check out my post here: Color Choices: Grey Living Room Ideas and Designs.


Living Room Color Ideas

Wall Paint Color: Abalone 2108-60

Choosing Your Living Room Colors

Everything in the living room will have a role in the color scheme of the space. If you look at the pictures of the living rooms above, you’ll notice that the color palette is also made up of other colors in the room, not just the walls. The decor pieces, the furniture, even the color of the floor.

So keep this in mind when you are looking at living room color ideas. Look around your living room and see what colors you already have. What color is your couch, your coffee table. You don’t want it to clash with your new paint color. Or if you are completely redoing your living room, then you’ll want to plan out the whole color scheme of the room (wall color, furniture, flooring, cabinets, etc.).

Wall Options

In all my specific color related posts, I talk about how you have 3 options when it comes to painting the walls:

  • The first option is to paint all the walls in the color you want, let’s say purple.
  • Option two is for people who want that specific color, purple, but feel having all the walls purple would be overwhelming. Here you can paint one wall in purple and have the rest in a neutral color like white, tan, or grey. This one purple wall will really stand out in the room and be a focal point.
  • For me, the best living room colors are neutral. Option three is to create a blank canvas, meaning paint the walls in a neutral color. If you want that purple styled living room, now you have a blank space to play with. Use purple pillows, purple curtains, purple art pieces. You still create a purple color scheme, but you leave out the walls creating a more toned down style.

Spacious vs Cozy

One last thing to think about when choosing your living room color scheme, is whether you want to create an open airy and spacious feeling room or a cozy and secluded space. A light color scheme creates a spacious feeling room, while a darker color scheme creates a cozy, romantic and intimate feeling space.

See It In The Real World

It is hard to tell the true color of paint colors online. Different screens show different colors. Also the paint looks different on different surfaces and in different light. The pictures and color palettes above are for inspiration in choosing a color scheme. It is best to get samples before buying paint to see how it looks in the real world. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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