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Color Style: Black Living Room Ideas and Designs

Color Style: Black Living Room Ideas and Designs

The first question you need to ask yourself when designing a black living room is, how much black do you want?

How Much Black?

You could go with all black walls, and even a black ceiling. Or you could have a more toned down design by either using white wainscoting or paint all the walls white, but have one black wall.

Living Room Design Elements

Here are a few ideas on what to include in your living room design:

  • Use wainscoting, but instead of having it white, paint it the same color (black) as the walls. This adds layers and some styling to the room
  • White crown molding is another idea, which will contrast well with the black walls
  • If you are planning on an entire living room remodel, then the flooring will need to fit the overall design style. For a black living room some design option include: dark hardwoods and tiles. Or if you wanted to brighten the space up a bit, then a grey floor or lighter wooden floors will work.
  • Hang up some artwork, either in white, gold, silver or black frames to spice up the black walls.

Black living room decor ideas and walls

How to Add Some Texture

Try and infuse some subtle textures into your black living room furniture and design. This will help avoid creating flat dull spaces. Some ideas here include:

Have a look at these posts for more ideas:

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April 18, 2016 in Color Palettes, Living Room
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