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A Fine Selection of Modern Wallpaper Designs

A Fine Selection of Modern Wallpaper Designs

If you take a look at modern rooms in a home, you’ll notice that they are made up of neutral color palettes. Mostly white, grey, and black. So when it comes to modern wallpaper designs, the same principle applies. The modern wallpaper ideas I have showcased in the mood board above (links to where you can buy them are below) align with the neutral color palette design scheme, with a few colorful designs thrown in.

Being Subtle is Key

A modern room is a clutter free space. It is almost minimalist in style. For your wallpaper choice, you’ll want to avoid designs with heavy patterns.

Instead look for wallpapers that have a subtle texture, like most of the ones shown above. Look for a linen texture, tweed, or a texture that resembles stone.

Where To Buy The Wallpaper Designs in the Mood Board Above

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Pushing the Limits

There are also 3D wallpaper designs. These are usually called Anaglypta wallpaper. You can see examples of this in pictures (2) and (5). And these can be painted over to match the color palette of the room you are decorating.

Modern bedroom wallpaper ideas

Modern living room wallpaper ideas

Making A Wall a Design Feature

Downlights can be fitted in the ceiling, close to a wall. This not only adds more lighting to a room, but will also highlight the subtle wallpaper design on the wall – creating a design feature in the room.

Alternative Wall Designs

Paint – A painted wall does not have to be one flat color. There are ways to create subtle texture (and it is much cheaper too). Using a brush you can create a linen effect for example. Have a look at my post for more ideas and photos: Texture Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects.

Stamping – Check out my post here (Never Have a Plain Wall Again: Creative Wall Design Ideas) for creative ideas such as stamping a concrete wall to make it look like wood or linen.

Wainscoting ­– A modern wainscoting design can be applied to your walls. These would be lower down than normal wainscoting, and would have more minimalist paneling. Have a look at my post here for an example: Wainscoting The Finishing Touch: Wainscoting Ideas and Designs.

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