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Never Have a Plain Wall Again: Creative Wall Design Ideas

Never Have a Plain Wall Again: Creative Wall Design Ideas

There are so many different ways you can style a wall, creating an elegant design element in any room. Here is a list of creative interior wall design ideas that will help you transform any room in your home.

Wainscoting: Normally you’ll see white wainscoting on a painted wall. But you could also paint over the wainscoting to match the wall color, just like in the living room in picture (1) – (The Finishing Touch: Wainscoting Ideas and Designs).

Wall Paneling and Trim: Wainscoting is when you add wooden panels to the bottom section of the wall. But another design option is adding thin wall trim on the whole wall, just like in picture (2). And this looks great with some decorative crown molding.

Wall Design Ideas

Crown Molding: This is when you add decorative strips to the top of the wall, hiding where the wall meets the ceiling. You can get simple crown molding, or there are more decorative kinds like the one in picture (5).

Framing: Any fireplace, doorways, archways, even bookcases (3), and wall mounted media consoles can be elegantly framed.

Add a Texture: There are a few ways you can add a subtle texture to your walls.

  • Wallpaper: Find one that has a subtle patterned texture. Or use anaglypta wallpaper, which is a 3D patterned wallpaper that can be painted over or left white
  • Painting Techniques: There are different painting techniques that create unique textures on the wall. For example using a sponge can create a marble look, while a thick brush creates a linen effect. For more ideas and a guide on how to do this, check out my post here: Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood To Linen Effects
  • Stucco: This is a plaster that you use to cover your walls. Different patterns and textures can be created to create a slightly rustic, country look in a room.
  • Stamped Concrete Walls: If you are putting up concrete walls, these can be stamped to create different effects: like wood (just like the wall in picture (6)), stone, or tile.

Re-Designing Shelves: If you have any open shelves, like the ones in the living room in picture (4), these can have the backs painted a different color than the walls.

Wall Design Ideas - Paint

A Gallery Wall: Hang up a collection of framed paintings, photographs, or posters to create a decorative gallery wall (8). For a more modern room, use matching frames. And for a more vintage look use different styled frames (Design Tips on How To Create a Vintage Gallery Wall). You could also add in a clock, decorative letter, mirror, or sign into your gallery wall layout.

Make the Room Feel Larger: Hanging up a framed mirror helps make a room feel larger. Also the style and color of the frame you use will help style the space.

Decorative Lighting: If you do have a decorative wall, whether it be a gallery wall or a textured wall, then look to have some downlights. These are ceiling lights that are placed near a wall highlighting it.

And here are some other unique wall design ideas:

  • For a playroom, kids bedroom, kitchen, or home office, why not paint a wall with chalkboard paint
  • Check out my post on wooden walls to see different design ideas using wood: 8 Beautiful Wooden Wall Designs
  • Lastly there is the option to create a veneer wall. For example you can take brick slices, seen in picture (7), to create a faux brick wall. The same can be done with marble and stone sheets.

Here are some other decor posts to get more ideas from:

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April 15, 2016 in Decor
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