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8 Beautiful Wooden Wall Designs

Wooden Wall Designs

While writing the post on pallet walls, I came across a lot of wooden walls that had not used pallets. Pallets are great because they are budget friendly. New and reclaimed wood can be costly, but can be used to create beautiful and charming wall designs.

Some ways to play around with a wooden wall design include: adding color (either through stains or paint), mixing up the sizes of planks you use, or create patterns such as going angular.

Mixing Light and Dark Shades of Wood

Home Office Wall


Attic Wooden Wall

Creative Little Daisy

Adding Color

Reading Room Wood Wall

 The Lettered Cottage

Wooden Wall Design

Sawn Timber

Using Thin Planks of Wood

Bedroom Wooden Wall

Apartment Therapy

A Wall of Fire Wood

Log Wall

Elisabeth Heier

Outside the Home

A bar for a media company using 10-15 different shades of stain.

Wooden Bar Decor

Design Sponge

Office space for digital production agency Ubiquitous. Angled wood.

Office Wooden Wall


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April 25, 2014 in Decor, DIY

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