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The Pegboard House: Inventive Ideas on Using Pegboards Around the House

The Pegboard House: Inventive Ideas on Using Pegboards Around the House

When most people think of pegboards, they will picture them being used for customized storage. But you can get creative with them, paint over them, and use them in more unique ways – such as a pegboard headboard (seen in picture (1) DIY steps here), a headboard that you can fit lights to or a book shelf.

Pegboard display ideas

Inventive Uses

  • Create a mobile wall divider and storage wall with pegboard sheets and casters (Ideas Mood Board: DIY Room Dividers) – just like the one in picture (3) which you can find the DIY for here [in Dutch]
  • Use a pegboard to create a holiday wall. Arrange pegs to create a Christmas tree shape for Christmas (7), a pumpkin shape for Halloween, or a star for the 4th of July.
  • Keep your bedside table clutter free by having a mini pegboard wall behind the table to hang up beside items – from watches and books to charging phones and wallets (2).
  • Check out that 3D pegboard table runner in picture (6) – get the DIY steps here. Instead of those geometric decor pieces on the peg stands, you could create paper angels for Christmas, numbers for a birthday, or spell out someone’s name – the possibilities are endless
  • You can create a vertical garden by using long pegs or hooks to hang up planters above each other
  • Create a command center in the kitchen – hang up a clock, letter rack, paper sorters, a penholder, and a sheet of metal and use magnets to create a bulletin board.

Pegboard organization ideas

Creative Storage Ideas

  • Hang a pegboard onto the back of a door – to hang up clothes, scarves, or even as a jewelry holder
  • Instead of creating a tile backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom, use pegboard sheets to create a customizable backsplash with storage – just like the kitchen backsplash in picture (5)
  • Create a coat rack in the foyer


Here are some ways you can go about decorating and styling a pegboard:

  • Painting over it is the easiest option
  • Or how about creating a pattern (chevron) or use a stencil to paint over it
  • Use metal pegs – like copper.
  • Frame your pegboard – just like the one in the home office in picture (4)

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image credits 2/4/5

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April 22, 2016 in Decor, DIY
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