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Simple Yet Stylish Modern Wall Decor Ideas

Modern Wall Decor Ideas

Simple Yet Stylish Modern Wall Decor Ideas

When creating a modern room, you want to keep the space looking sleek, clean, and clutter free. This includes your walls. When it comes to modern wall decor ideas, this post will show you how to keep things simple yet stylish.

Modern wall decor ideas

  • Gallery Wall – Use matching frames that are either black or white, with black and white art or photograph pieces
  • Texture – See if you add texture to your walls. This can be done by painting your walls two different shades of the same color (say grey) and using a sponge to create a marble effect or a thick brush to create a linen effect (Textured Wall Painting Ideas). Or check out the living room in modern living room in picture (2) that has the marble veneer covering the wall. Modern wall paper is also a option (A Fine Selection of Modern Wallpaper Designs).
  • Hang up a modern clock
  • Modern wall lights are another item to put up


  • Put up floating shelves and decorate them with plants (3) or lean framed pieces on them (5). Add a different colored backing to the shelves to create a unique design element, just like the shelves in picture (4)
  • Crown Molding – You can get modern crown molding with a simple sleek shape
  • And have a look at my post here (The Finishing Touch: Wainscoting Ideas and Designs) for an example of modern styled wainscoting.

Modern wall decor ideas, living room

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