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Staying Up To Date: Modern Living Room Ideas

Staying Up To Date: Modern Living Room Ideas

There are 3 main areas to think about when it comes to modern living room ideas – 1) The color scheme, 2) lighting design, and 3) straight line design. I also go over some simple modern decor tips in this post.

The Color Scheme

From the living pictures in the mood board above, you can see that modern spaces use mostly neutral tones (white, grey, black). This applies to the main feature pieces in the living room – such as the wall color, the seating, cabinets, the coffee table area, and any area rugs. These are the main accent pieces in a living room, pieces that really impact the style of the whole room.

Like most spaces with a neutral color scheme, you can add warmth and color through the use of natural materials. Try and infuse wooden features into the living room, or add some plants,

If you want to add a pop of color, then try and stick to 1 to 2 other colors. Otherwise you’ll take away from the overall neutral look of the space. Check out the modern living room in picture (6) with the pops of yellow.

Modern living room decor ideas

Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas

The main way to light up a modern living room design is through recessed lights. Recessed lights are fitted into your ceiling, so that all the fixtures are hidden away creating a sleek and modern look.

Hook up these recessed lights to a dimmer switch so that you can dim them down for softer lighting.

And for other light fixtures, see if you can get one of those arch lamps seen in a lot of the pictures. Get yours here:


Straight Lines – Modern Home Designs

If you take a look at the pictures in the mood board, you’ll notice that the rooms feature strong straight lines and edges. Everything has a straight edge. Even the chairs don’t have any rounded sides. Instead you have sectional straight edge modern furniture.

Modern living room ideas

Some Other Design Notes and Modern Decor Ideas

Have a look at these posts for more living room ideas:

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