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A Clutter Free Home: Modern Decor Ideas

A Clutter Free Home: Modern Decor Ideas

A modern home is a clutter free space. Which means that decor items are limited in modern styled rooms. There are some simple and elegant ways you can style a modern home without adding too many items to a space: such as through textures, adding greenery, paint color choice, and using premium materials for storage containers. The modern home decor ideas in this post will help you decorate your rooms in a minimalist and modern way.

Feature Pieces

More focus should be placed on the main feature pieces in a room, versus adding small decor items. Feature pieces include the furniture in a room and even the light fixtures. These items can really set the style for the space – so focus on getting modern styled pieces.

Modern decorating ideas for the home


See how you can infuse subtle textures to your rooms. In the kitchen for example, marble would be a good material to include since it has a subtle white and grey texture to it. The same goes when looking for bed sheets, curtains, wallpaper patterns, and area rugs – look for materials and fabric that have a very subtle and elegant pattern.

A Modern Gallery Wall

See if you can add a gallery wall to some of your rooms. The way to keep a gallery wall looking modern is to use matching frames. Thin black frames look best.

Or even 1 simple large art piece can do the trick, just like the living room in picture (2).

The Color of the Room

If you take a look at pictures of modern rooms, either kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms, you can see that they mostly use clean neutral colors. Such as white, off white, or grey. This creates a minimalist style.

Modern decorating ideas for the home

Adding Warmth to a Modern Room with Plants and Wood

To add some warmth into a modern room, look to have some plotted plants around the space. This will bring in shades of green. The same can be done with wooden features to bring in brown tones – use wooden chairs, tabletops, and minimalist decor pieces.

Storage as Decor

If you need to store items out in the open, then look to buy premium and good looking storage containers to store those items in. This way the storage containers themselves will act as decor pieces in the room. Look for containers made out of glass, steel, leather or brass.

Upstyling The Doors

If you have any doors in the room that you are looking to decorate (room doors, closet doors, or cabinets), see if you can give them a modern makeover. Check out my posts for DIY ideas here:

Try and avoid using handles when it comes to cabinet doors. See if you can get ones that push pop to open, or have a groove as a handle. You can buy the little push pop devices separately that can be fitted onto any cabinet door. Cabinet doors without handles sticking out creates a more modern and sleek look in a space – just like the kitchen in picture (6).

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