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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas: From Lighting Design to Color Choice

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas: From Lighting Design to Color Choice

In this post of modern bathroom design ideas, I will go over the 3 main design features that will create a modern bathroom space: 1) color choice, 2) tiles and clean lines, and 3) lighting design.

Color Choice

In the mood board above you can see how all of the bathrooms use a very neutral color palette – made up of white, greys, and black. If you want to add some warmth to the space, then try and infuse some wooden features – just like the modern bathroom in picture (5). Or add some plants.

Modern bathroom decor ideas

Tiles and Clean Lines

Large tiles are the way to go. You don’t see any small tiles in the bathrooms above. This goes hand in hand with the very clean-cut lines, and straight edges of a modern bathroom design. You have rectangle mirrors and straight dividers. There are no round edges.

Large tiles are more expensive and harder to put in. But since their is less grouting, you are left with a clean and sleek design.

Modern bathroom ideas

Modern Bathroom Lighting

The light fixtures you use in the bathroom will play a big role in creating a modern feel for your space. You are going to want to mainly use recessed lights. These are lights that are fitted into your ceiling, hiding away all of the parts – leaving you with a sleek and modern bathroom.

You’ll want to have these covering your whole bathroom, everywhere from the vanity to over into the shower.

The vanity area, aka the mirror, will need some special lighting. Just using ceiling lights creates weird shadows on your face. Instead you’ll want to put up at least one wall light on both sides of the mirror. This will create even lighting. Picture what it looks like backstage at a fashion show. You’ll see those mirrors that have lights all the way around it.

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