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Stylish Living: Modern Dining Room Ideas and Designs

Modern Dining Room Ideas and Designs

A modern dining room is a clutter free and well designed space. This means there are only a few areas you need to focus on to create a stylish modern space. These areas are: the tables and chairs, the walls, and the lighting.

Creating a Modern Room With The Table and Chairs

Selecting The Table: The biggest item in a dining room is the table. This means that the style and design of it will really have a big impact on the overall styling of the room. In the modern dining room pictures in the mood board, you can see that a modern dining table is a simple, sleek wooden one. A darker wood will create a more luxurious dining room space – and see if you can get a table with metal legs, just like the one in picture (1).

Another option is a modern glass dining room set with wooden legs, just like the one in picture (5).

Modern dining room ideas

Pairing With Chairs: Once you have the table selected, then the next task is to pick out the modern chairs that will complement it. Go with a neutral shade such as white, off white, grey or black – just like the ones in the mood board above. Upholstered chairs are ideal for a more comfortable dining room.

Decor Pieces: Keep it simple with the centerpiece. Plants in a nice container would be the go to choice for a modern centerpiece.

And don’t forget you can add an area rug under the furniture to group the table and chairs together. Make sure the area rug is large enough so that the chairs can be pulled out and still rest on the rug. Go with a neutral colored area rug to complement the chairs and table.

Styling Your Walls

Just like the chairs and table, the paint colors used in a modern dining room are also neutral (grey, white, cream).

Simple wainscoting, seen in picture (4), can be used to break up flat walls. Other ways to break up a flat wall include: crown molding, and hanging up mirrors or framed pieces – like the gallery wall in picture (3).

Modern dining room decor ideas

Modern Dining Room Lighting

A modern home is a well lit space. In a dining room, use recessed ceiling lights for general lighting. These are lights that are fitted into the ceiling, hiding all the fixtures away, creating a sleek and modern look in the room.

Above the dining table, you might want to have a hanging pendant light that brings light down from the ceiling closer to the table. You can see in the mood board above some examples of these hanging pendant lights.

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