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Color Choice: White Living Room Ideas and Designs

White Living Room Ideas

Up North

A good place to get inspiration when it comes to white living room ideas is from Scandinavian interior design just like in pictures (1) and (2). They make heavy use of white in their living rooms – mixed with shades of grey. But to bring some warmth and color to the space, plants and wooden furniture pieces are used.


To add in some depth and styling to your space you are going to want to add in a few other shades to the white canvas of a living room. One way to go would to be to use neutral shades (like cream, greys or black) – for a minimalist and Scandinavian look. Or how about adding one other color to the mix like blue or red. These can be added through little decorating ideas like a candle stand on the coffee table, or with the pillows on the couch. Try and keep the majority of the room in white.

Textures and The Art of Pillows

A great way to add style to your living room is through textures. Imagine a white living room and then having wicker baskets on the floor being used as storage to hold pillows or blankets (5). The wicker’s texture really adds to the style of the room. With a white living room you really have a blank canvas and pieces, like a wicker basket, really stand out.

Other ways of adding texture to the living room:

  • White walls can have a texture to them. You have rough plaster or bricks painted in white. Or take a look at my post here for textured painting techniques.
  • Pillows can have simple colorless patterns on them, just like the ones in picture (6). So can throw blankets.
  • Area rugs with a simple pattern (like a white rug with a light grey chevron pattern)
  • Plants and planters
  • Wooden bowls or coffee table trays
  • Poufs (7)

The Coffee Table Area

The design of your coffee table will really set the style of the living room. If you use a chipped painted white coffee table just like in picture (8), or a white trunk you’ll be creating a shabby chic or vintage feel in the room. Or a raw wooden (9) or pallet coffee table will set a more rustic and distressed feel. While a simple design will give your space a modern look (10). A marble or glass coffee table would be other good options. If you go with a white living room furniture like a coffee table, it will blend in well with the rest of the room. While going with a black coffee table will make the coffee table stand out and create a focal point in the room.

Have a look at my post here for more coffee table ideas and designs: Creative Coffee Table Ideas1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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