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Dream Features: Luxury Living Room Design Ideas

Luxury Living Room Design Ideas

When it comes to luxury, is it about the amount of space you have, or is it about how well you use the space you have? Is it about how much money spent on the living room decor? I don’t think so. When it comes to luxury, everyones tastes’ differ. For me, these are the things that make up a luxury living room.

Lighting Like a Designer

I believe lighting can make a huge, huge difference in the look and feel of a room. It can turn an ordinary looking living room into a luxury one. What makes the modern living room in picture (1) so special? For me it is the great use of lighting. In this living room, two textured walls have been fitted in to create a great focal point. Without the lighting it wouldn’t look so great. The room has also been designed with symmetry in mind.

Picture (2) shows another well lit living room. Overhead recessed lights and cove lighting (The Beauty of Using Cove Lighting: Ideas and Designs) light up this room. You’ve also got the feature fire place. But another lighting feature in this high end living room is the display shelves on the side. Now these would’t look so great without the back lighting.

So the question is, how can you light your living room to add that luxurious touch? It can be something as simple as adding dimmers so you have full control over the lights – will tonight need romantic or reading lighting?

A Room With a View

The view in picture (3) would take some money to buy. This doesn’t mean you can’t create your own amazing view out of your living room. Think about what you’d like to see out the windows. Plants, sculptures, a fountain, a bird bath… Also light up your outdoor space in a magical way so you have a wonderful view at night. How about using string lights (Home Decor Ideas: Creative Ways of Using String Lights Outdoors)? Create your own view.

Looking Up

Here is another feature that would have to be bought with the house. Double height ceilings. Just check out the living room designs in pictures (4) (5) and (6). A high ceiling allows you to have hanging lights, like pendants or chandeliers which always adds a touch of glamor. The high ceilings also allow you to have a more decorative ceiling – like exposed beams.

If you move yourself into a loft, you’ll automatically have the luxurious benefit of having high ceilings – just like in pictures (7) and (8).

2 Interior Design Tips

1. In most living rooms the focal point will be the seating area and the coffee table. So I would put most of my attention here. Searching for great looking furniture and a unique coffee table, and a few elegant decor pieces.

2. If you take a look at picture (9) there is not a lot going on. I would say not a lot of money has been spent here, but I see it as a luxury living room design (everyone has different tastes). Once again, the coffee table is the focal point here, and a unique and elegant one has been used. Another thing that makes me see this as a luxury space is that it is clutter free.

If you want to take it up a notch – how about turning a room into a home theater: Designs and Ideas For a Basement Home Theater1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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