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Design Tips: Small Living Room Ideas

Design Tips: Small Living Room Ideas

Having a small living room space means you need to get creative in how you use the space. This will make you a better home designer, and is a fun challenge to have. Everything from the color you choose to decorate the space, to the curtains you use can change how spacious the living room feels. The small living room ideas in this post will help you make the most of your space.

5 Small Space Design Tips

1. Color Choice: When it comes to the color for the overall palette for the living room, go with a light color such as white, cream, mint or light grey – as a lighter color will make the space feel larger. Unless you want to create a really cozy space, in which case opt for a dark color.

For a small living room space you want to have everything blend together, that way it will feel larger – just like the living room in picture (4). This means no bold pops of color. Say you have white walls, then you’ll want white curtains (or slightly off white). The same goes for the decor and furniture pieces – try and blend everything together.

2. Curtain Design: Go for a curtain color that blends well with the walls.

Hanging up the curtains closer to the ceiling, and having the curtains go all the way down to the floor gives the illusion that the space is larger – just like in picture (3). Also get a wide curtain rod, since you don’t want any of the window blocked off bringing in as much natural light into the room as possible.

3. Mirrors: See if you can hang up a large mirror on the wall, just like in the living room in picture (1). This will add the illusion of depth, and will bounce the light around the room. Also try and get a frame for the mirror that blends well with the walls.

4. Glossy and Glass: Glossy surfaces, whether it’s for cabinet doors or the coffee table top, are ideal for small spaces since they reflect light around the room making it feel bigger. A better option is to use glass – glass side table, glass top for the coffee table. Since it is transparent, it makes the space feel larger.

5. Decor Pieces: Go with one large piece when decorating a tight living room. Instead of hanging up a gallery wall of 5-6 framed items, go with 1 large framed piece – just like the living room in picture (5). Having a number of different items makes the space feel cluttered, especially in a small space. Go with one large potted plant, if you have the space.

Small living room decor ideas

An Alternative To a TV

Instead of having a flat screen TV sitting on a media console, or hanging up on the wall, why not go for a projector instead. This can sit on a floating shelf above the couch and point to a clean white wall. This is ideal for a small living room design because a flat screen TV hanging on the wall kind of breaks the clean look of the flat wall.

Making The Best Use of a Small Living Room Through Furniture

When it comes to small living room furniture, try and get pieces that will blend in with the overall color scheme of the room. Also, look for furniture pieces that can double up as storage pieces. A coffee table that has a shelf under it. An ottoman that opens up. Or a couch and chair that has enough clearance to store things under.

Small living room layout ideas

Storage Ideas

As mentioned above, look for furniture pieces that can double as storage pieces.

Built in storage is the best way to go. Not only is it built customized to your living room, making the most effective use of the space, but it will be designed to blend in with the rest of the room making it feel larger.

See if you can get floor to ceiling height built in shelving so you don’t waste any space. Make the most of your walls – hang up floating shelves (3).

And try to use the corners of your room effectively. Use a sectional corner couch, or hang up corner shelving.

Making it a Bright Room and Spacious Room

If you are going for a cozy and intimate feeling living room, then avoid using ceiling lights and instead use a floor lamp or a table lamp to light the space.

If you want to make your living room feel large and spacious, then you’ll want to have it brightly lit. Recessed lights are the way to go (6). These are lights that are fitted inside your ceiling. Since the light fixtures are hidden and are out of sight, you are left with a modern and sleek look in the living room. You’ll want to make sure the entire space, including all of the corners, are lit up to make the living room feel spacious.

Hooking up your ceiling lights to a dimmer switch allows you to easily switch from bright spacious lighting, to more cozy and relaxing lighting.

Small living room ideas

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