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Ideas for Decorating With Ladders

Decorating With Ladders

In The Living Room: There is quite a bit that can be done with an old ladder. Some ideas for decorating with ladders in the living room include: using one to hang up throw blankets in the living room (1), or as a shelf for photo frames (2) or plants (3).

The DIYer: Jennifer at A Merry Mishap shows how to create the elegant ladder in picture (4). A great alternative to the traditional bulky wooden ladders is a thin metal one (5).

In The Foyer: A ladder can also be used in the foyer as a coat or shoe rack, with hooks on the sides for keys and jackets (6).

Other Ladder Decor Ideas: A step ladder (7) is being used as bedroom side table. Picture (8) shows another ladder in a bedroom, this time being used as a shoe rack. They can also be used in the bathroom as a towel rack . A two sided ladder can have planks of wood in between the steps to create a wide shelf (9). Put two of these ladders side by side with even longer planks of wood to create an even wider unit.

Picture (10) shows a ladder being used in a dining room. Not only is it acting as shelving for dinnerware and snacks, it is a decoration piece in itself. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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