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DIY Rustic Decor Project Ideas: From Using Logs to Staghorn Ferns

DIY Rustic Decor Ideas

Here is a collection of simple and elegant DIY rustic decor ideas.

Simple Ideas

Log Sidetable DIY

Strip the bark off a log, and sand it down to a super smooth finish for a rustic log side table. That is what Ben did over at HomeMade Modern to create the log table seen in picture (1). For other ideas on what you can do with large and small log pieces (from creating coffee tables, vases, to candle holders and book ends) have a look at my mood board post here: Home Decor Ideas: Using Large and Small Logs.

Wooden Toothbrush Holder

Take a block of wood and drill holes in it to create a rustic DIY tooth brush holder. The one in picture (2) can be bought on Anthropologie here.

Leather Closet Handles

Another simple, but very elegant, rustic DIY decor idea is to upgrade your closets, cabinets, and draws with some leather pulls. See how The Brick House made the ones seen in picture (3) here.


Rustic Ladder

Decorating with Ladders: Ladders can be used all around the house. They can be used to hang up towels in the bathroom, hang up magazines and blankets in the living room, hang up clothes in the bedroom, or just to display some flowers (4). You can see a mood board of ideas here (Ideas for Decorating With Ladders).

See if you can find, or reclaim an old wooden ladder, and use it as a hanger. In the ladder mood board post you can see how A Merry Mishap created her own elegant and modern DIY ladder. To create a more rustic vibe have use raw wooden poles. Just like the poles seen in the coat hanger in the mood board.

Rustic Room Divider

Reusing Old Windows: Reclaimed windows can be turned into a number of home decor items – from DIY rustic furniture pieces such as coffee tables and cabinets, to photo frames, and even room dividers (5). For more pictures and ideas of what reclaimed windows can be used for, have a look at my mood board of ideas here: Home Decor Ideas: Using Reclaimed Old Windows.

Getting Fancy

Rustic Coat Hanger DIY

I quite like this next DIY project. It is just the right amount of rustic. Annaleena over at Emmas DesignBlogg created a rustic DIY clothes hanger by simply screwing together some great looking wooden poles, as seen in picture (6). The leather that covers up the screws is a nice touch, along with the metal hooks.

DIY Wall Fern

If you want to add some greenery in a room, then look to The Fresh Exchange‘s tutorial on how to hang Staghorn ferns on the wall using split logs (7).

Taking it Further – The Walls

There are a few ways to create a rustic look by modifying your walls. First up are wooden walls. You can find a bunch of examples and mood boards here:

I quite like the idea of storing your fire wood pieces out in the open in a creative way. In the wooden walls post, mentioned above, you can see a white living room that has a recessed wall where the fire wood can be stacked up. This creates a unique design feature in the room.

Another DIY rustic wall design is to have exposed brick. You don’t need to have brick walls to get the look. You can get brick slices and attach them to your existing walls. For some design ideas, have a look at my mood board here: (Industrial and Rustic Charm: Home Brick Wall Designs).

More rustic mood board posts:

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