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Home Decor Ideas: Using Reclaimed Old Windows

DIY Ideas For Old Windows

I had no idea there were so many project ideas for old windows. The creative people below have done everything from recycling them as room dividers to creating furniture pieces.


Reclaimed windows make great looking room dividers. Check out the rustic charm in picture (1), or the floor to ceiling reclaimed patchwork window arrangement in picture (2) from Dezeen.

If you take the time to replace the glass panels of a old window with mirror plates, you could end up with a gorgeous rustic mirror – just like in picture (3).

Decorating With Old Windows

Old windows make for great wall displays because of the sectioned glass panels. Each panel can be used to display photographs (4), or a kitchen menu board (from The Knot) (5).

Ashlee over at My So Called Crafty Life used cork tiles, chalkboard paint, and chicken wire to turn an old window into a kitchen command center (6) (Ideas for Setting up a Family Command Center in the Kitchen).

How about using an old glass window pane as a piece of canvas – just like what Kate and David did for their wedding in picture (7) – from The Knot. Other craft ideas include using old windows to make a backdrop for a coat rack, the one in picture (8) was made by Nadine.

Furniture Remix

Who knew you could upcycle old windows into DIY furniture pieces. Some other things to do with old windows include turning them into a coffee table like the one in picture (9) by Oh Glory Vintage. Then there is the homemade rustic kitchen cabinet by G. Collins (10).

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January 22, 2014 in Decor, DIY


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