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Ideas for Setting up a Family Command Center in the Kitchen

Kitchen Command Center Ideas

A command center is a space that keeps track of all of the family’s daily tasks. The kitchen is definitely the best spot in the home to set one of these up. A few ways to create one include having a dedicated desk in the kitchen (or side table), or having a specific spot on a countertop and wall where everything is organized.

It is best to keep the countertop and desk space clear and have as much of the command center as possible fitted to the wall to keep things well organized and clutter free (just like in the pictures above).

Chalkboards! Not only are they great for keeping track of things but they add to the decor of the kitchen. Hang one up or have a wall painted in chalkboard paint. Kids can draw on it and you can create to do lists. An alternative would be to use a whiteboard.

Other things to include in the kitchen command center: a place for a telephone, a gorgeous wall clock, a calendar, hanging paper organizers and pen holder, key hooks, and a bulletin board. And don’t forget to include some decor accessories like framed photos of family and friends, a map, vintage kitchen items, or a decorative wall letter. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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February 17, 2013 in Kitchen


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