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Home Decor Ideas: Using Concrete

DIY Concrete Ideas

Concrete is one versatile material. You can use it to make small DIY home decor projects, or even something as large as a countertop. DIY concrete countertops can make their way into kitchens or even bathrooms as seen in picture (1), with the reclaimed walnut sink. This post is going to focus more on simpler and smaller home decor projects.

DIY Concrete Ideas: Designer Pieces

Making your own letters is a popular DIY project, whether it is with cardboard, clay, or even concrete. What sets Wit and Whistle’s concrete letter apart is that Amanda went ahead and used two different colors of concrete. Resulting in a designer like piece – seen in picture (2).

It is really great seeing people make designer like pieces at home with ordinary materials like concrete. Over at A Merry Mishap you can follow along with the instructions on how to make the diamond paper weight (3). There are no DIY instructions for the concrete pillows in picture (4), but you could create the same illusion by “pouring concrete into bags then resting an object in the centre”.

Light Up The Night

When it comes to lighting, how about creating your own lamp with a solid, sturdy concrete base (5) – over at Nimi Design. Or follow along with the tutorial at HomeMade Modern to create the industrial chic pendant lamps in picture (6).

Out the Front Door

Working our way out the front door we have a minimalist style coat rack – made with a concrete base (using a bucket as a mold) and dowels (7).

Outside you can get creative with concrete by making your own stepping stones. See how to make leaf stamped ones (8) over at HGTV. Using cinder blocks, you can easily create your own modern wall planters seen in picture (9) – from Apartment Therapy.

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December 13, 2013 in Decor, DIY

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