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Rustic Window Treatments and Curtain Ideas

Rustic Window Treatments and Curtain Ideas

Visually a window and it’s curtains takes up a lot of space in a room. This means that they play an important role in styling the space. When it comes to transforming a room into a rustic space, I believe the more simple you do it the better. Just focus one or two key statement pieces in the room, like having exposed beams or a wooden furniture piece that is the focal point in the space. Below are some simple curtain ideas and rustic window treatments.

The Simple Way

My favourite rustic window treatment design is to go with traditional white wooden window frames. This way, if you have any wooden features in the room, and a neutral color scheme, these wooden features are able to stand out. Picture (1) gives you an example of that.

Or if you have little or no wooden features in the room, use wooden barn shutters. Have the rest of the room neutral, as in white walls, and these rustic window shutters will stand out – just like the ones in the bedroom in picture (2).

Looking Out

Here are some rustic window design ideas:

  • Use reclaimed wood to create imbedded valances just like in picture (3)
  • Or use reclaimed wood to create rustic window trim (4)
  • Simply use reclaimed windows
  • Create your own stylized sliding window barn door (5)

Curtain Treatment Ideas

With the curtains I would keep the window treatment as simple as possible. One idea is to use a wooden curtain rod as seen in picture (6), along with a decorative white curtain. Another idea is to use a cast iron curtain rod and or hook brackets.

Picture (7) shows plain white, light weight fabric being used as a curtain. Nothing rustic there. But they just casually hang from the rustic makeshift curtain beam above.

Curtain Fabric: Go with a neutral color like white or off white, and use a heavy thick fabric such as a heavy linen.

Rustic Curtain Tie Backs: Use leather strips (8)

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February 18, 2016 in Design Styles, Windows
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