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Rustic Bedroom Ideas and Furniture Designs

Rustic Bedroom Ideas and Furniture

You don’t need much to create a rustic bedroom style. If you have exposed beams, then you are all set. But there are some other rustic bedroom ideas that can help transform your space – from simple decorating ideas, the materials you use, to how you style your bed.


The best and really only way to create a rustic bedroom, is to use as much natural materials as possible. Materials such as reclaimed wood, metals (iron, brass), stone, leather, and concrete. Use these materials when it comes to choosing rustic bedroom furniture such as the bed, use them for the walls, and the ceiling.

Color Scheme

Because of the use of natural materials, the color scheme you’d expect in a rustic bedroom would be of neutral earth tones. There will be dark browns, grey, iron black, white, and add in some green with plants. Avoid bold unnatural colors such as blue, red, and purple. Keep to the neutral and natural shades.

Around the Bed

The Bed: When it comes to the bed, use an iron frame or a wooden bed like the one in picture (1). If you can’t get your hands on a bed like this, then just cover the bed frame with simple skirting. A lot of the beds in the mood board above have white fabric covering up the bed.

The Headboard: Ideas here include using reclaimed wood (2), live wood (3), or iron bars. A lot of the beds in the mood board, don’t have a headboard.

Bedding: Because the bed is the main focal point in the room, as it takes so much space, even the bedding you use will play a big role in the style of the room. For the bedding use neutral colors like white, light and dark grey, tan, or black. Use fabrics that have a subtle texture to them to add a touch of style and elegance. Neutral colored and textured bedding fabric is another thing all of the rustic bedrooms in the mood board above have in common.

Side Tables: The side tables you have next to the bed will frame the bed area. Look to have stylised pieces like a log stump table (4), a metal stool, a wooden one, or a trunk.

The Walls and Ceiling

Here are some rustic ideas when it comes to the walls and the ceiling of the bedroom:

  • Exposed brick walls can add a rustic flair to a bedroom. The bricks can be painted over for a more subtle rustic look (5). Another design idea is to have half of the wall (either the top or the bottom) exposed brick, while the other half is plastered over. Have a look at this mood board post for design ideas: Industrial and Rustic Charm: Home Brick Wall Designs.You can easily create your own brick wall by attaching brick slices to an existing wall
  • There is rough Italian style plastering (stucco). Or for a more industrial rustic look, have rough textured concrete walls
  • There are also stone walls, or stone tiles
  • For a more modern look, have plain white walls, and let the rustic pieces in the room (the bed, bedding, side tables, exposed beams) create the style
  • A great design feature to have would be exposed beams. Have a look at picture (6). The exposed beams and the hardwood floors are the only things that are needed to create a modern rustic bedroom style. The beams are able to stand out in the room because of the toned down color scheme – just dark greys and white.
  • One last rustic design idea would be to use a sliding barn door as the bedroom door, or going to the bathroom. Kind of like the door in picture (7) but darker.

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