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Elegant and Stylish Plant Decor Ideas

Decorating With Plants Decor

When it comes to decorating with plants, vintage bottles make for great decorative vases. Go for a uniformed look like in picture (1) by having the same bottles for your arrangement, and group them together in a vintage style milk bottle basket. Another idea is to use different sized and colored bottles to create a more lively arrangement.

A great DIY project is to use oven-bake clay to create miniature clay pots. Rachel at Transient Expression goes through step by step on how to make the faceted pots seen in picture (2).

Picture (3) shows Amanda’s (Wit and Whislte) hanging terrarium she got from Score and Solder.

Another DIY idea is to mount bottles to a piece of wood to hang from the wall (4) DIY Tutorial. Or how about hanging a corbel on the wall that can act as a decorative shelf for a single vase.

1012 Tera have these minimalist style wall vases (5) that can be grouped together to create a striking wall decor arrangement. Because of the minimalist style, the flowers really are the focus of the display.

A plant hanger itself can be quite decorative. The one pictured (6) is from an Esty shop that has a brass accent piece in the middle. These plant hangers can also be easily made with some cord, rope or thread by following these instructions.

Having a number of vases, all the same, housing the same kind of plant creates a nice clean look as we saw in picture 1. In picture (7) a caterpillar vase displays the same type of flower.

(8) A Staghorn fern hangs from the wall

This last plant decor idea by 101 Woonindeen is a simple and easy one to do: put smaller glass vases into bigger ones to house plants (9).

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