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Home Decor and DIY Ideas: Using Driftwood

Home Decor and DIY Ideas: Using Driftwood

What is the appeal of drift wood? The dried out look makes it a lot less rustic. It is organic, and because of that each piece is different. It is stripped down, smooth, and artistic.  Here are some driftwood art and decor ideas that can be used around the house.

Together With Nature

I like the idea of combining organic pieces with driftwood decor. This can be done with plants. In picture (1) a piece of driftwood is being used as a make shift planter for an air plant. Holes can be drilled to make a stand for test tube planters seen in picture (2). And how about a macrame wrapped, hanging drift wood planter (3).

Going Large

A really large piece of driftwood makes for bold decor item. Any furniture made out of driftwood will be a focal piece in the room. Just check out the driftwood coffee table in the living room in picture (4). The glass top tones down the rustic style of the driftwood underneath.

If you find yourself a long piece of driftwood, you can have yourself an elegant candle holder if you cut out a few grooves (5). And for those rustic chic homes, there is the driftwood hand railing in picture (6).

Large driftwood pieces really adds an artistic side to a room’s style. The room divider in picture (7) also looks like an art installation. There is always the option of having a large drift wood piece just leaning up against the wall decorating the room (8).

Art Pieces

Smaller driftwood branches can also be used as art pieces. Display some on a black stand (9). Or how about color block painting a piece that can be used as coffee table decor or as a centerpiece (10).

Simple Ideas

The kitchen in picture (11), with its minimalist design and subway tiles, makes great use of a driftwood branch as a kitchen hanger. This can also be done in the bathroom to hang up towels, or in the bedroom to hang up jewelry.

Some other driftwood crafts and projects include: cutting a groove in a piece of driftwood to create a photo stand (12), creating a base for a lamp, or drilling holes to create a little wooden pencil holder (13).

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March 1, 2016 in Decor, DIY
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