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Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

You are only going to need to style a few areas in your bathroom to get that vintage look. Focus on the main features, like the vanity or storage items. Here are some vintage bathroom decor ideas to help you transform your space.

The Vanity

The vanity is going to be an important area when it comes to styling your vintage bathroom. It is usually the first thing peoples’ eyes are drawn to when entering a bathroom. Some ways to style a vintage bathroom vanity include:

  • The backsplash can be made up of subway tiles or black and white tiles
  • For the mirror, use a white chipped painted wooden one, rustic raw wooden one, or go with mirrors that have a more antique shape to it just like the ones in picture (2)
  • Use porcelain pedestal sinks (3) (not ideal if you are tight on space as the bottom area is wasted – a cabinet could be here instead)
  • Use faucets with porcelain handles, or brass hardware

Window Treatments

Lace curtains will add privacy while letting in a nice soft glow during the day. Other vintage ideas for your windows include using decorative frosted or even stained glass windows to add privacy. Have a look at my bathroom window treatment post to see pictures.

There are also decorative shutters just like the ones in picture (4).

For the curtain railing, you could use iron bars and wall mounts, or rustic wooden ones. A cool DIY project is to use vintage door knobs as tie backs (DIY Vintage Decor Ideas).

Decor Accessories and Storage

Glass Bottles: Vintage style glass bottles can be used to replace any generic plastic bottles you have around the sink (5). Your hand soaps and lotions can all be poured into different glass bottles – adding style around your sink.

Decorative Storage: Other decorative storage containers that can be used in the bathroom include galvanised buckets, wicker or wire baskets, enamel jars, or copper containers.

Hanging Things Up: A rustic ladder can be leaned up against the wall, or a rustic wooden step ladder can be used as a towel hanger/rack.

On the Ceiling: To add a little style to your ceiling, add some vintage style crown modelling – seen in picture (6).

Art and Wall Decor: Metal letters, vintage style maps, botanical prints, and subway signs are some ideas for wall decor pieces.

Vintage Style Tiling

On The Walls and Floor Tile Designs: Some ideas for how to tile a vintage bathroom include: using subway tiles, mixing and matching tiles just like in picture (7), black and white tiling, or small hexagon tiles will look good. For pictures and more ideas for vintage flooring designs have a look at my post here.

An alternative to tiling the walls is to use vintage wallpaper. A great vintage style would be Anaglypta wallpaper, seen in picture (8).

Lighting for a Vintage Bathroom

Barn style light fixtures, with their flat pancake shapes and enamel finishes will look great in a vintage bathroom. Or another design style would be a more antique look, like using brass light fixtures or a french chandelier. My post here has photos and ideas when it comes to vintage lighting.

image credits: 1/2/3/4/6/7/8

For more bathroom inspiration have a look at my shabby chic bathroom mood board or vintage laundry room mood board.

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June 18, 2014 in Bathroom, Design Styles

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