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Handmade: Simple DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

This is what Home Tree Atlas is all about. Simple and great looking decor ideas that anyone can do at home. The DIY vintage decor ideas below range from simple decor ideas such as using glass bottles as planters, to more DIY projects like taking a reclaimed window and turning it into a photo frame.

Simple DIY Decor Ideas

You can easily buy old vintage style clothing pins on Amazon here. These can be used to hang up photographs on a piece of rope just like in picture (1).

Vintage bottles can be used for a number of decor ideas around the house. They can be used to hold up flowers (2). Instead of having your kitchen liquids by the sink in their plastic brand bottles, you can pour the liquids into vintage bottles and make the area look better. For more ideas on using vintage bottles around the house check out my mood board here: Home Decor Ideas: Using Vintage Glass Bottles.

Give your closets a makeover with some vintage style paint (mint, baby pastel blue, cream), and add on some vintage handles or door knobs.

A bird cage is another item that can be used for a number of decor ideas – from housing plants and books, to jewellery organizers and candle stands. For a mood board and more ideas have a look here: Home Decor Ideas: Using Bird Cages.

Old reclaimed ladders can be upcycled and used in rooms for shelving or storage. They can also be used as a bedroom side table just like in picture (3) – Ideas for Decorating With Ladders.

Galvanised buckets can be used as a trash can or to store magazines and blankets. Have a look at this mood board for more vintage storage ideas (one of the most popular posts on Home Tree Atlas): Vintage Storage and Organization Ideas.

Getting Creative With Your Printer

There are a whole bunch of vintage DIY ideas you can do with just your printer:

Catherine from Design Editor took a vintage camera photo and got it blown up for only $3.29. You can see the framed print in picture (4). The vintage camera photo is available to download for free from her site here.

A DIY project that I did, was to create posters with vintage graphics. I printed them out on A3 card and painted in the empty space with chalkboard paint to create chalkboard posters (5). You can see the step by step guide here.

I got the graphics for the chalkboard DIY vintage posters from The Graphics Fairy. Over on her site, she has a ton of vintage graphics that are free to download. People have used them to decorate countertops, kitchen linens, or even buckets (6).

Over on Just Something I Made there are great looking apothecary labels that you can download and print for free. They can be transferred onto pillows, sewn onto towels for a little design spice (7), or used to label jars (8).

More Craftier Vintage DIY Project Ideas

I wrote up a post showing all the different things you can do with old reclaimed windows. In picture (9) you can see one being used as a photo frame. In my mood board here they have also been turned into room dividers, mirror frames, kitchen command centers, and even into DIY vintage furniture pieces (cabinet and coffee table).

Vintage and antique door knobs can be used as towel hooks or as curtain tie backs (10).

In my Vintage Style Wallpaper mood board I show a range of different design ideas. My favorite style is the textured wallpaper, the anaglyptic paper designs seen in picture (11).

A few simple vintage DIY project ideas include turning normal looking jars vintage by using Mod Podge and food coloring (12) – you can follow along with the step by step guide here. Or how about printing/stamping/transferring vintage graphics onto cork or fabric pieces to create your own coasters (13).

I’ve saved the best idea for last. By simply sewing together a number of doilies, you can create a long table runner for your coffee or dining room table (14). 1/2/3/9/10/11/13/14 

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