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Light and Privacy: Ideas for Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathroom Window Treatments Ideas

In the bathroom, you want to have as much natural light bathing the space during the day. But at the same time you don’t want to feel as if you are on display. Here are some bathroom window treatments that create the right balance of light and privacy.

Window Placement

If you put the windows up high (above head height), you’ll be able to keep them open and not worry about privacy. Go with a long window high up just like in picture (1). Or go with a small rectangle sized window, but at head height (2).  Porthole bathroom windows are another good window option for privacy.  You could also go for a skylight, but just placing a normal window above head height works. This also works if you wanted windows in your shower area.

How about going vertical? Check out the window in picture (3). It is a thin vertical window, placed alongside the sink – out of the way from where people would be getting in and out of the shower.

Frosted Window Covering Ideas 

A common way of adding privacy to bathroom windows is to have the glass frosted (4). You can go with glass frosted windows. Or you can buy a bathroom window privacy film that sticks over your existing window panes. These frosted windows or window film stick ons can come in a plain frost, or you can find decorative designs – seen in picture (5). Or if you want to add some colors to your windows you could always go for stained glass.

Window Privacy Film Designs

A Sand Film: $18.11 Wayfair   |   B Blue Cubix Film: $20.99 Wayfair   |   C Peacock Film: $21.14 Wayfair

D Leaf Privacy Film: $23.98 Amazon   |   E Bamboo Window Film: $20.99 Amazon   |   F Mosaic: $15 Amazon

Another way of getting frosted glass is to use glass blocks. I wasn’t a fan of them until I saw the window in picture (6). It uses two different glass block sizes to create a good looking pattern. For me, using only one sized block feels too much like a public restroom.

Bathroom Window Curtains, Blinds and Shutters

A great way of adding privacy to the bathroom with curtains and also let day light shine through, is to hang a curtain halfway down the window (or where head height would be) (7).

Other curtain ideas include using light weight fabric that lets light pass through. You can see the light shining through the curtains in picture (8).

Bamboo blinds and shades also let slivers of light shine through, plus they look great. You can also get the traditional style white metal blinds that are adjustable. Shutters are another option. You can get shutters that have slats that can be adjusted, and ones that are divided so you can close off the bottom half while keeping the top half open. You can also get more decorative shutters like the ones in picture (9). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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