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Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas and Decor Designs

Shabby Chic Bathrooms

The shabby chic style is quite like the bohemian style in that it is quite carefree and relaxed – they also both make use of drapery and informal storage ideas. But with the shabby style the decor colors are more pastel shades.

Keeping to the informal and relaxed style, a lot of a shabby chic style storage space is out in the open. You’ve got wire baskets being used as storage (1). Towels being stored out in the open on ladders as seen in picture (2). If you do want to close your cabinets, glass panel doors will look great (3) or fabric covers (4). One idea in our vintage wall decor post was to hang up vintage/antique door knobs on the wall to act as towel hooks.

Some accessories that with fit well into shabby chic bathrooms include the old school table mirrors that flip over, and vintage perfume bottles that can be refilled with hand soap, body lotion, etc.

When it comes to furniture pieces like vanities or the wall mirror, chip painted furniture looks best (5). Or just painted wooden pieces in a pastel color. Picture (6) shows a large mirror just leaning up against the wall – this informal and relaxed style is the kind of design thinking to go for.

If you really want to go for that shabby chic look then a mini chandelier is a must have piece. Another feature piece to have in the bathroom is a canopy over the bathtub (7) – or just curtaining off the bathtub like in picture (8). It will make the bathtub feel more secluded and intimate, but it also introduces a lot of drapery into the bathroom – which really creates that shabby chic vibe. Another way of introducing a lot of fabric into the bathroom is through the windows. Hang up large fluffy and frilly curtains, even if you have a small window (9). Or if you have a shower in the bathroom, a white frilly or pastel colored fabric shower curtain is another way to go. Picture (10) shows a frilly pastel colored bathroom rug.

Having plain white walls will look great, as the pastel shades of furniture and decor will add color to the room. Another idea for decorating the walls is to create a texture just like in picture (11). You can also create a textured wall style with just paint. Check out our post here for simple and easy painting techniques. The colors showed in the pictures of that post are quite bright and colorful – for a more shabby chic style mix and blend more pastel shades. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

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