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Looking at Basement Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Basement Kitchen Ideas

One of the main things to consider when looking at basement kitchen ideas and photos, like the ones above, is the general layout and style you want. Since most basement kitchens are accompanied by a family room, the best designs tends to be open planned. Some ways to divide the space include using a countertop which can also double as a bar (8 Different Basement Bar Ideas and Designs) or having a small kitchen island.

Other design elements that will determine the style of the kitchen are the cabinets and the walls. When it comes to the walls you can simply have it painted or have a textured finish using stone or tiles (A Palette Guide To Basement Paint Colors), (Decorating Basement Walls: Ideas from Stamped Concrete to Chalkboard Paint).

When it comes to lighting, the same applies to any kitchen lighting design. You want to have lighting focused around any work areas. So under cabinet lights that shine down onto countertops are great, as well as pendant lights hanging over a kitchen island or bar countertop. An alternative idea would be to use track lights which can have each individual light angled to a specific area.

Side Note: If you are planning a remodeling of a basement and looking to have a kitchen installed, which will require plumbing work, why not add in laundry room (if you have space) and have all the plumbing done at once (Design Ideas For That Perfect Basement Laundry Room). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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