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Designer Home Wall Lighting Ideas

Home Wall Lighting Ideas

You have all sorts of wall lights: from vertical and horizontal wall scones, to lanterns and recessed lights. Choosing which ones to use comes down to which room you are looking to light up.

In the Bedroom: An interior design principle is to design a room so that the focus is on what the room is for. So in the bedroom, you’ll want the focus to be on the bed. You can bring the focus here with wall lights by placing one on each side of the bed as seen in picture (1). Having light switches by the bedside (like in a hotel) would be an added luxury.

The Bathroom: In the bathroom you’ll want to have lights that focus around the mirror (2). The ideal setup is to have one vertical wall sconce on each side of the mirror and one light attached to the wall above shining down. This way you avoid casting shadows on the face – making it easier to groom.

The Kitchen: When it comes to the kitchen there isn’t usually much space for wall lighting ideas because of all of the cabinets. The kind of lighting you want here are under cabinet lights. This brings light closer down to countertops making it easier to prepare and cook food. Another lighting idea is to place rope lights above the cabinets (if there is a gap) for a subtle glow.

Living Room: If you want a space to feel large then you’ll want to use as much ceiling light as possible. On the other hand, using wall lights is a good way of making a large living room feel cozy.

Other light fixture options that can be attached to the walls in a living room include art gallery lights that hang over any framed artwork. If you have bookshelves, then wall lights or lights fitted to the shelves will create an elegant space (3). Another idea is to have a cutaway in a wall and have a light fitted into the top and use this as a display area (4).

Staircases: To help get around safely at night, one lighting idea is to fit modern recessed wall lights at the base of the wall by the steps (5).

Decorative Ideas: Here are some luxurious lighting design options. To add some subtle indirect lighting to a room, have crown molding fitted a few inches below the ceiling. This leaves space for rope lights to sit above and bounce light off of the ceiling and back into the room (7).

Another idea, one more suited for outdoor lighting, is to have recessed lights fitted into the floor that shine up and wash a wall with light. An easier way of doing this is to have a plug in can light or a mood light like the Yantouch Jellyfish pictured (8) sitting on the flooring bathing a wall with light.

Outdoors: When it comes to the outside of the home, the more important places to have wall lights are by the front door and by the garage – Home Style and Safety with Outdoor Security Lighting1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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