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Home Style and Safety with Outdoor Security Lighting

Home Outdoor Security Lighting Ideas

It’s pretty amazing the power one light bulb can have. Take for example Stockton, California. They have a high crime rate, so Councilwoman Diana Lowery is making sure every house has at least one light bulb on by their front doors. The Police Chief backed the campaign which has the slogan “Light up the night, crime hates the light”.

Outdoor security lighting is not just great for safety, but it also adds to the curb appeal of the house. A well lit home looks elegant, and also makes it easier and safer to get yourself in and out at night. All of the following lighting ideas are great for security, curb appeal and also personal safety.

The Front of the House

Let’s start at the front door and work our way out. Having a wall light right by the door is a good place for a light fixture as seen in picture (1), to deter intruders and also in making it more convenient for you when you are by the door at night (finding keys, etc). It is also works to light up your house number if you have it here. The sides of the garage doors is another area that could use wall lights (2). High up on the garage, or on the wall of the house or a tree, a great security light to have fitted is a motion sensor flood light (3). Once again, great for security and also for helping to light up the driveway for you at night.

The Driveway

Now leading out of the driveway – having lights line this area would be a good idea  just like in picture (4). Stake lights work well, or if you want less intrusive lighting, take a look at recessed lights that can fit into the driveway itself. You’ll want to avoid the runway effect which is when you place lights in rows – just like a runway. Instead alternate the sides you put them on. The same applies to any pathways you have out front.

The Entrance

Then we come to the outer edge of your front yard. Some people will have a gate or posts to mark the entry of the driveway. Here is another place to put lights just like in pictures (5) & (6). Once again this is great for security, but also for safety when driving in or out of the driveway (to see if there are any pedestrians crossing). And also if you have your house number hung up here.

The best security lights will be electrical. They will shine brighter, be more reliable, and will add value to your home. They can be hooked up to a timer to save you the hassle of turning them on and off. But not all of your exterior lights need to be electrical. Solar powered lights, all of which will automatically come on at night, can help save on your electrical bill. You can find solar powered display lights for your house number (7) or there are even solar flood lights available. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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