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Vintage Outdoor Lighting Ideas

The best place to find hard wired, vintage styled, outdoor lighting is in the barn lighting section. With their flat pancake (shallow bowl) designs, gooseneck lamps, and muted pastel or rustic colors they are the perfect light fixtures – just like the one in picture (1). Barn Light Electric is a great place for these types of lights. Another style of light fixtures to look into is nautical (2) and wrought iron.

For simpler lighting ideas let’s look at lanterns. Mason jars or any vintage style bottles and jars can be turned into candle lanterns (3) (4), and they can even be turned into solar powered light fixtures. These vintage style lanterns can be hung up (5) or they can be used as table lighting. Using vintage or shabby chic style candle holders is another idea for table lighting along with vintage oil lamps (6). Moroccan lanterns are quite decorative pieces. To turn these into a more vintage style lantern spray paint them white – like the lanterns in picture (7).

For more decorative vintage outdoor lighting ideas have a look at the string lights with the Edison light bulbs from Restoration Hardware (8). Pastel colored paper lanterns will also work as vintage styled lighting (9) – just fit some normal string lights in them to light them up. Metallic tiki torches with the brass/copper tops look great too. And for the icing, an elegant outdoor chandelier will be a great focal piece (10).

One thing to remember when it comes to lighting is to layer different light fixtures. What this means is that you want to avoid using just one type of light fixture – say wall light. You want to mix things up: use a ceiling light, along with a table lantern, wall light, etc. to create different lighting effects. This creates a cozier and well lit space. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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