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Deck Lighting Ideas

(1) The railing is an area where it is simple to install lights. String lights can be wrapped around them, or rope lights can be attached under the railing. (2) You can find lights that can be attached to the posts, or ones that can be installed into the posts (recessed lights). These can come as either solar or low voltage powered lights.  Some of the simplest deck lighting ideas revolve around solar powered fixtures. One of the easiest types of deck lights to fit are solar caps – find the right size and pop them on top of the post (the one in picture (3) above is from Moonlight Decks).

From candle light, oil burners, and table top tiki torches, to solar umbrella lights, and battery powered lanterns – there are a ton of cheap tabletop lighting ideas and options (picture (4) is a solar SunJar ). (5) To create a whimsical outdoor setting, hang string lights over the deck (hang them from the walls, trees, or erect a pole). These can be arranged in columns or hang them up to a point to create a canopy of lighting. At night these lights will create a starry sky effect. (6) Wall lights attached to the house are another way of providing lighting for a deck. (7) A fire pit will bring a romantic glow and heating. (8) Tiki torches can be planted around the deck in the soil or you can plant the torches in buckets of sand which can be placed on the deck. If you use citronella oil as fuel you’ll have an organic insect repellent. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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February 4, 2013 in Lighting, Outdoors

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