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Deck Decorating Ideas

(1) A great way of decorating and even adding some color to your deck is to use an outdoor area rug or mat. Special outdoor rugs can be found in places like Lowes. (2) Privacy screens not only give you some privacy, but add a decorative element to a deck. (3) Swings are a great and relaxing addition if you have the space for one.

(4) Deck ponds can be small like the one pictured or can be large and custom built into the deck. (5) A cut out in the deck to allow for a tree provides natural shade during the day (and can be wrapped in string lights). (6) Adding flowers and plants can be done through planter boxes. Add a number of them and have your own garden on your deck. There is the choice of pots, wooden boxes, or having some custom built or DIY built to fit the shape of your deck. You can even find planters that hang from the rails to save you floor space. Or if you have any overhead cover – hanging pots will do the trick (Ideas for Covering Your Deck).

(7) An umbrella is a great addition. (8) Deck storage can come in the form of chests or benches with space underneath. (8) The type of outdoor furniture (and color) you choose will also determine the style of your space. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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