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4 Deck Safety Tips: From Gates to Lighting

Deck Safety Ideas

(1) Installing deck gates prevents kids or dogs from running out. (2) In many places there are rules and regulations when it comes to building a deck. If the deck is raised to a certain height (24-30”++) a guard rail is required. These guard railings have a required height too, from 36-42” (check your local area for exact measurements) (Deck Railing Ideas and Styles).  (3) There are also rules on the width between rails. If you want extra security because of children or pets then look to have guards, shields, or netting installed. (4) Lighting is a great addition to make the deck area safe and comfortable at night. For ideas have a look at our post here Home Deck Lighting Ideas Mood Board. One area of the deck that will need special lighting attention is if you have any steps or stairs. 1/2/3/4

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February 3, 2013 in Outdoors

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