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Ideas for Covering Your Deck

Deck Covers

Deck covers are not just ideal for providing shade, but they can also be used for adding overhead lighting or hanging plants or a swing from. (1) Pergolas provide shade but also let light through. (2) A gazebo on the other hand is more a more closed off structure with a solid roof– it adds more privacy and also breaks up the space of a large deck. (3) There are a few awning/canopy options to choose from – there are the traditional styled striped awnings and then there are the more modern plain canvas ones. These canopies can be hung on poles surrounding the deck or they can be attached to the house – there is also the option to have them retractable.

(4) Another idea for covering a deck is to use a tent. (5) A simple way of adding cover is to use a normal table umbrella or opt for the larger types. (6) A natural way of providing shade is to have a deck built around a tree. 1/2/3/4/5/6

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February 5, 2013 in Construction, Outdoors

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