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Style Guide: Pink Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Style Guide: Pink Bedroom Ideas and Designs

There are 3 ways your can go about designing a pink bedroom. Choosing which option to go with will come down to: how much pink do you want? Here are the 3 pink bedroom ideas and options to choose from:

  1. The All White Bedroom
  2. The Feature Wall
  3. Surrounded by Pink

1. The All White Bedroom

This design option is for those who want to subtly decorate their bedroom pink, but don’t want it to be overwhelming.

To do this, you’ll have your walls painted white. It could also be another neutral color like off white, cream, grey, or even black.

Having all of your walls painted a neutral color like white, creates a blank canvas of a bedroom. Now you can decorate the space with pink bedroom pieces, and they will really stand out and style the space.

Use the focal pieces in the bedroom to decorate the space pink. This includes the bed. You could go with a pink bed frame, or just go with a normal one (say wooden) and buy really nice pink bed sheets. A white bedroom with pink bedsheets – bam you’ve got yourself a pink bedroom.

Other focal points in the bedroom that can be pink include:

Blue and pink would be a good combination for a bedroom, if you wanted to add in another color. Blue walls with pink decor would be the way to go.

Pink bedroom ideas

2. The Feature Wall

The second option is to use create a feature wall in the bedroom. This is when you paint all of the walls a neutral color, let’s say white, and then have 1 wall painted pink.

This one wall will really stand out since all of the other walls are the same color. In the bedroom the feature wall will be the one behind the headboard.

You can also add pink decor pieces, and pink focal points (bed sheets, curtains (all the things listed in option 1)).

3. Surrounded by Pink

This one is for the brave and bold. That is to paint all of the walls pink. Even the ceiling could be painted pink too.

You can break up all of this pink by having white crown molding. Or neutral colored curtains and bed sheets.

The Shade

The shade of pink you use will also impact the feel and style of the room. Hot pink for a more bright and bold bedroom, while a light pink, pastel even, will create a more vintage look.

For other bedroom color schemes, have a look at these posts:


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March 25, 2016 in Bedroom, Color Palettes
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