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Notes from a Remodel: Bathroom Tile Ideas

Notes from a Remodel: Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tiles are the way to go when remodelling a bathroom. But there are a lot of choices and options to choose from. Everything from the size of the tile you use, to whether you use a glossy or matte tile plays a big role in how the space feels and looks. Here are some design notes when it comes to different bathroom tile ideas.

The Effect of Tile Size

Large tiles make a bathroom space feel more luxurious. It also creates a cleaner and more modern bathroom look since there is less grouting. The down side to using them is that they are more expensive and harder to install than small tiles.

Bathroom tile ideas

Making A Bathroom Feel Bigger: Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Large tiles tend to make a bathroom space feel bigger.

Try and create a seamless design. This means using the same tile for the floors and the walls as this help make the bathroom feel larger.

Other design tips include:

  • Using light colored tiles
  • And use tiles that have a glossy surface. The light will bounce off of them, creating a more spacious effect in the room.

Different Design Styles

There is so much that you can do with tiles:

  • You can mix and match different styles. Just like the combination in the bathroom in picture (1) which uses simple subway tiles for the walls and a more decorative tile for the floor.
  • You can mix and match different shades of the same color to create a subtle pattern
  • A border can be created with different tiles (3)
  • Even using different orientations can create different design styles – just like the bathroom in picture (5)

For a complete guide on bathroom floor tiles and ideas, have a look at my post here: Bathroom Flooring Ideas Guide: Designs and Material Options

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