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A Mood Board for Tile Shower Designs and Ideas

Tile Shower Designs

The mood board above shows a range of different tile shower designs, and here are some design notes to help you along:

Size and Color: The two things that you need to keep in mind when planning on a tiled shower is the size of the tile and the color. These two things can make a difference in how the shower feels and looks. There is a lot of debate on whether large tiles will make a smaller bathroom/shower feel larger or not. But one thing is for sure, larger tiles are more modern, more expensive, and can be harder to install. Larger tiles tend to create a better design because there are less grout lines.

If you do have a small bathroom space, the definite way of creating a larger feeling shower room is to use light colored tiles. Also, use glossy shower tile designs – as they reflect the light around the room.

If you are using smaller tiles, look for a grout that blends in with the color of the tiles. Grout that contrasts the tiles stands out and ends up framing them, making the shower feel smaller.

Style: For a more classic and traditional look, go with subway tiles just like in picture (5). To continue that classic style, use period shower fixtures. Darker tiles look more modern but will also make your shower space feel smaller (6) (7). Another way of creating a modern look is to use tiles like in picture (8) – tiles with a simple and minimalist design.

Glass Dividers: The best way to enclose the shower area is by using glass – frameless glass that goes from the floor to above head height. Doing this creates an open and more spacious bathroom design – just like in picture (8). For more tips and ideas on designing a shower room have a look at our post here: (Design Notes for Shower Room Ideas). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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