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Design Notes for Shower Room Ideas

Shower Room Ideas

When it comes to shower rooms, the best option for partitions and enclosures is glass – either for the doors, or to separate the shower and bathroom area (instead of using shower curtains). The ideal way of doing this would to go for frameless glass pieces just like in picture (1), and have them go from the floor to the ceiling. Doing all of this, frameless and floor to ceiling, will create a more spacious and open feeling area.

Comfort and Ease of Use: A great feature to have in the showering area is a built in, recessed shelf. Another way of making the shower area comfortable and easy to use is to have a light right above (2) in the shower, instead of just having general lighting in the rest of the room.

Luxury Design Ideas: A skylight is a much better option than a window (3). As a window will need to be small, frosted or curtained off for privacy – while a skylight will bath the entire shower area in light.

Another luxurious touch would be to have the floor of the shower raised by wooden planks. This way the water drains underneath and you’re left with a tropical spa like shower room design just like in picture (4). Using rustic stone tiles for the walls of the shower is another way of creating a spa like atmosphere.

Other Great Shower Room Ideas: For a dream and modern shower design, you’ll want to have 2 shower heads. One attached to the wall or ceiling which will be large like a rain shower head. The other shower head is one that you can operate by hand. In photo (6) you can see a shower room that uses both types of shower heads (some showers have 3 different kinds of shower heads – one attached to the ceiling, one attached to the wall, and one hand operated).

One other great feature to include in your shower design is a bench. This can be built in like in pictures (7) and (8), or a free standing teak shower bench can also work well. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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