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Zen Style: Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary bathroom into a more Japanese style. The first step is to declutter like crazy. Keep everything so clean and simple that it is beautiful. You want to have a minimalist feeling bathroom, and this means stripping everything down. Once that is done, you only really need one or two main focal pieces to create the right style – check out picture (5), just using a plant and an elegant wooden bench creates that Japanese bathroom design style.

Other than a clean design, the other main design principle when it comes to Japanese and zen bathroom decor is the use of natural elements. The color scheme is based on earth tones, like green plants, stone grey, and wooden tones.

In the pictures above you can see bathroom designs that make great use of wood for everything from the flooring, to the bathtub and sink. Simple ideas like a teak shower mat or bamboo blinds are great pieces to start with. Stones and plants also play a big role in a Zen bathroom. Have some greenery like bamboo plants, while pebble rocks (11) can be used to line the floor or used as decor pieces on the shelves.

And if you want to heighten the senses even more, using an oil burner will spread essential oils around the bathroom. Here is a great looking oil burner1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

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