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Color Style Guide: Purple Home Office Ideas

Color Style Guide: Purple Home Office Ideas

This post goes over the different areas to consider when styling a home office in purple – from what shade of purple to go with to how much purple to use.

What Shade of Purple?

Do you want a cozy and luxury feeling space? Then go with a dark shade of purple. Or if you want to create a bright and spacious feeling home office, then go with a light purple paint color for the walls.

How Much Purple?

If you want a bold home office, then paint all of your walls purple, and even the ceiling. A step down from this is to paint only one wall purple (say the one behind or in front of the desk) and then paint all of the other walls a neutral color such as white, black or grey. This one purple wall will really stand out.

Another idea is to paint all of the walls white, light grey, or black, and then decorate the space with pops of purple. You only need a few pieces to really decorate the room purple (an area rug, purple cabinet doors, etc.)


Taking Out Other Colors

If you want to create a well designed home office space, then you’ll want to be pretty strict about your color palette. If you have colored pieces, such as a green trash can, a yellow storage container, or a red lamp, then you’ll want to take these pieces out.

This doesn’t mean you can’t add other colors to your purple home office. But you do need to choose carefully what pieces and what colors to add. I say stick to only adding 1-2 other colors otherwise you start taking away from the overall purple color scheme.

A good way to spice up a purple home office is to infuse it with natural materials. Like a wooden desk, wooden shelves, or a wooden chair. Or how about adding some plants to bring in some shades of green – or bring in some purple plants.

Purple home office decor ideas

What Purple Pieces to Add

Above I mentioned that it doesn’t take much to style a home office purple. You’ll only need a few accent pieces to create a purple color scheme. Other pieces in the room can be a neutral color (white, grey, or black). Here are some ideas on what pieces in the home office can be used to create pops of purple in the space:

  • See if you can get a purple area rug
  • Hanging up a mirror will make the home office space feel larger, and this can be inside a purple frame
  • Or hang up inspirational pictures and photographs in purple frames. Or hang up a purple art piece in a black frame
  • The desk itself could have a purple top
  • The curtains can be purple
  • The cabinets or closet doors, could be given a makeover and painted purple (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover)
  • The door to your home office could be painted purple
  • If you have a desk lamp, this could have a purple lampshade
  • The chair you use could also be purple

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