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Under Your Feet: Modern Flooring Ideas

Under Your Feet: Modern Flooring Ideas

The type of flooring you use can really set the style and look of a room. When it comes to modern flooring ideas, there are quite a few options to play with. From stamping concrete, to more modern and renewable materials such as bamboo.

Playing With Concrete

Concrete gives you a nice cool grey shade. This is ideal since modern rooms use a mostly neutral color palette (grey, white, black).

And you have a lot of different design options to play with when it comes to concrete flooring. You can create different shades of grey in the cement mix, just like the dining room in picture (6), or you can create different subtle textures (5). For a clean and sleek non-industrial look, you’ll need to have your concrete floors polished.

A unique flooring design idea using concrete is to have it stamped. You can make a concrete floor look like hardwood flooring much like the floor in picture (3), or tiled floors.

You can also stain the concrete, changing its color completely. Or you can create graphics and designs with the staining. Stick to neutral colors for a modern look (white, cream, grey, black).

Modern flooring ideas and design photos

Tile Designs

If you want to go with tiling, say in the bathroom, stick to neutral colors and subtle textures and designs. The blue grey tiles in the bathroom in picture (4) creates a modern looking floor.

Large rectangle tiles can create a luxury and modern home flooring design. They are more expensive, and harder to install, but with less grouting you are left with a clean and modern looking floor.

The Classic Chevron Pattern

A chevron patterned floor is more associated with vintage style homes. But as you can see from the modern kitchen in picture (1), this design style can be updated.

Why it works in that kitchen is because A) the color of the wood is more of a neutral grey color, and less of a traditional brown shade – so it blends in well with the black color scheme of the kitchen. And B) the overly modern design of the kitchen, from the cabinets and light fixtures to the countertops and appliances, offsets any vintage feel of the flooring pattern.

Modern floor tiles and design ideas

Renewable Materials

When it comes to renewable modern flooring options, bamboo is the way to go. It is durable and a fast growing grass making it highly renewable. Harder that most hard woods, bamboo can also be stained to change it’s color. Have a look at the flooring in the living room in picture (2) as an example of bamboo flooring.

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