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A Bootstrapping Entrepreneur: DIY Desk Ideas

Getting Inventive: DIY desk ideas



There is something very entrepreneurial and boot strapping-esq about building you own desk. It is also a good idea if you have a small home office space and need a very specific sized or shaped desk. Here is a list of DIY desk ideas, divided into 2 groups: ideas for the desk top, and ideas for the legs and base of the desk.

What To Use for the Desk Top

Here is a list of ideas on what can used for the countertop part of your desk:

  • An old door
  • Hardware stores such as Home Depot will cut a sheet of plywood to the size you need it
  • Connect pallet boards together
  • A surfboard
  • Old or offcuts from a kitchen or bathroom countertop (how about a marble desk?)
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Making a concrete top is as easy as building a wooden frame and filling it with concrete

DIY small desk ideas for your home office

DIY desk ideas for your home office

What To Use for the Legs and Base

  • Get yourself a set of hairpin legs from Amazon
  • IKEA sells desk legs separately
  • Concrete hollow blocks
  • A stack of magazines
  • Two small filing cabinets at the right height can be used to put your desk top onto – seen in picture (3)
  • You could always clamp a desk top to a shelf, that way your legs (human legs) can fit under
  • Wooden crates just like in pictures (1) and (2) can be used as a desk base
  • Pallets cut to the right size (7)
  • Two short stools – as seen below
  • Plumbing piping is easy to assemble and customized to create a stand for a desk (8)
  • Two ladders opened up can support a piece of wood across them. Or check out the simple ladder DIY concept in picture (2). You get a desk and storage space. And if you want a DIY standing desk, all you have to do is put the desk on a higher rung.
  • Bedside tables

DIY Desk Using 2 Stools

DIY desk using 2 stools – by Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Folding Desk

Space saving folding DIY desk – by Home Story

  • Go without any legs and have the desk attached to the wall, and have it flip up when it is not in use.
  • Or if you have two sidewalls, just like in picture (9), then railings can be attached to the walls to hold up the countertop
  • Simple L brackets can be used to create a long shelf that can be used as a desk space (4)
  • The same can be done with a wall shelving kit, seen in picture (6)

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April 20, 2016 in DIY, Home Office
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