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The Command Center: Home Office Organization and Storage Ideas

The Command Center: Home Office Organization and Storage Ideas

In this post I go over how home office organization ideas and storage solutions that not only make the most effective use of your space, but also decorate and style your home office at the same time.

Storing in Style

If you pick good looking storage pieces, these will also act as decor pieces in the home office. For example: use a set of matching wicker baskets on a shelf. Here are some other decorative storage ideas:

  • A wooden trunk
  • A wicker hamper
  • Wire baskets
  • Glass jars
  • A copper bucket (this can be used to store magazines, or used as a trash can)
  • Use wooden trays to group clutter items together

What these home office storage solutions and items have in common is that they are made of natural and premium materials. Get good looking pieces, and they will style the room.

But if you want a more minimalist home office style, then you’ll want to try and hide everything away when it is not in use. Just like the printer and stationary that is tucked away in a cabinet in picture (6). Or how about creating a DIY room divider (Ideas Mood Board: DIY Room Dividers).

Some other decorative storage and organization tips include:

Home office storage solutions and ideas

Make The Best Use of Your Space

Try and use your walls as much as possible. Stack them up with shelves to get more wall storage – or use a pegboard. Or the best option is built in units since these are custom built for your room – making the most effective use of the space.

Some creative ideas to get more storage space include:

Here are some other posts to get storage ideas from:

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April 14, 2016 in Home Office, Storage
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