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Design and Decor Guide: Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas and Decor Tips (Vanity, Sink, Lighting, and Storage Ideas)

When it comes to designing a bathroom there are a few main areas to focus on. In this post I go over farmhouse bathroom ideas that will help you transform your space. I go over the vanity area which is the main focal point of the bathroom, there is lighting, and then a few other design ideas which include window treatment and storage ideas.

Vanity Design Ideas

Here are all the design elements you need to create a farmhouse bathroom vanity:

The Sink: The first thing to tackle will be the sink. The go to choice is a white porcelain tub sink, just like the ones in the bathrooms in pictures (3) (4) and (7). You won’t see many built in vanities in a farmhouse bathroom, since there is generally more space in the room for more free standing counters. The sink will usually be on top of a free standing vanity (3) (4). Or the sink can even be built into the vanity table just like in picture (2).

An alternative to a porcelain sink, is a hand hammered copper tub sink, seen in picture (5).

Faucets: Go with dark metal faucets – such as cast iron, or dark brass or bronze.

The Mirror: A circular mirror in a wooden frame is a popular choice for a farmhouse bathroom.

Extras: If you have space, freshen up the vanity area by adding some plants. And how about adding a soap holder like the porcelain one in picture (3) or the metal one in picture (5).

Farmhouse Style Lighting

There are a few lighting styles to choose from when designing a farmhouse style bathroom. You have the more rustic barn lights, like the gooseneck wall lights seen in pictures (6) and (7). Or there are more classic glass lantern style lights, seen in picture (4). You can find barn style lighting at Barn Light Electric.

Design Elements and Simple Decor Ideas

Window Treatments: Farmhouses usually have a traditional window frame that you can see in picture (6) and this can be created by adding trim around the window. You can also go with wooden (or white painted) shutters.

Beadboard: For a classic farmhouse look, see if you can infuse beadboards into your bathroom design. These can be used as wainscoting (5) (9), for the whole wall (3) (7) (8), or used for the ceiling (6).

Storage Ideas: In a farmhouse you will usually see items stored out in the open, just like the open shelves in picture (8). Since everything is out on display, this means that these items also act as decor pieces. So you’ll want to make sure you have good looking pieces. Have matching wicker baskets, glass jars, and matching towels. You could also use an old rustic ladder to hang up towels (9). Or a vintage metal cart can be used as storage – seen in picture (3).

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May 16, 2016 in Bathroom, Farmhouse Design
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