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Ideas for Setting up a Home Gym in a Basement

Basement Gym Ideas

Dividing Up Your Basement Space

(1) (2) If you have a large basement, you could close off the gym and design the rest of the space into a family room, game room, home office or create a man cave (The Cave: Basement Ideas For Men). If space is limited, then hang up a curtain so that you can close off the gym area and enjoy the rest of the basement as a family room, office, etc. (3)

What to Put in the Basement Gym

A ceiling fan is a great addition to basement gym. (4) So is a boxing bag. (5) Installing a sound system will make an exercise room livelier. Other great basement gym ideas to consider: installing a TV is ideal for watching while on a treadmill or for following along with a DVD workout as seen in picture (6), decorate the walls with framed motivational posters (7). (8) Check your form by having mirrored walls – or simply have a stand up mirror in the room. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Basement gym equipment

Side Note: A small refrigerator for drinks and protein bars is another good idea to have in a home gym.

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