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10 Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage Ideas and Styles

Bathroom toilet paper storage ideas (DIY, and for small spaces)

Who knew there would be so many different ways to store your toilet paper. The option to go for will depend on what style bathroom you are trying to create, and how much storage space you have. Have a look at this collection of toilet paper storage ideas and find one that fits your bathroom.

  1. Down From The Ceiling: Free up valuable floor and counter top space by hanging baskets down from the ceiling (a simple hook can be used) to storage the toilet rolls – just like in picture (1). For a more bohemian look, go with hanging macrame hangers.

Wicker basket toilet paper storage unit

  1. Decorative Storage: Fitting a wicker basket to the wall or to a cabinet (seen in picture (2)) not only gives you storage space for your toilet paper, but also adds a decor piece to the bathroom
  1. A Modern Look: Picture (3) shows a recessed toilet paper holder and shelf. You can find the link below from the image sources section, which will show you the DIY steps taken to create this built in storage unit.
  1. DIY Design: If you can get your hands on a thick log of wood, and want to try your hand at a bit of woodworking, then picture (4) shows off some very decorative and designer like toilet paper storage towers.
  1. Hidden Storage: A clever way to hide away your toilet paper is to fit a rack (5) or railing to the inside of your cabinet door.
  1. Hanging Tower: If you have a railing in your bathroom (towel rail) or a nearby closet, then a hanging organizer can work as a space saving storage solution for your toilet paper (6)
  1. Vintage Buckets: A bucket is a simple and easy way of storing your toilet paper. Look for different style buckets, as this bucket will also help style the bathroom (7). Some ideas include: a copper bucket, a galvanized one, or how about a enamel bucket for a more vintage look.

Wire basket toilet paper storage idea

  1. Decorative Shelf Storage: Maybe you have more space on a shelf. If you are going to store things out in the open then you’ll want to get decorative storage continers. Such as a wire basket, a wicker basket, a wooden crate, or a large glass container.
  1. Free Standing Towers: There a number of different tower designs out there. You’ve got the more traditional wooden cubbies, just like the one in picture (8). Or how about a copper one (9).
  1. Designer Wall Unit: The Cloud, seen in picture (10) is a designer concrete wall storage piece that cradles toilet paper perfectly. This would be an advance DIY project to pull off, but not too hard – The Mill.

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Metal Basket

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