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Smart and Decorative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Smart and Decorative Bathroom Storage Ideas

From the smart double shower curtain rod to the mirror shadow box, here are a range of creative and stylish bathroom storage ideas.

Smart Bathroom Design

Towel Storage Ideas

If you find it hard to hang a towel bar on the walls around the sink, then one smart place to fit one would be under the sink just like in picture (1). A second option would be to fit a bar to the front of the vanity counter. For more ideas have a look at my mood board here: Unique Ideas for Bathroom Towel Bars and Racks.

Another smart towel bar idea is the invention of the double shower curtain rod seen in picture (2). What makes it so smart? Say you are showering. After you are done you open up the shower curtain and then have to reach over or step out to get your towel. With the double curtain rod, you simply open the shower curtain which is hung on the rod closet to the shower. On the second rod, protected from the shower by the curtain, is your towel hanging right in front of you.

Smart Shelving Solutions

Have a look at the backsplash in picture (3). It also acts as an elegant shelf – creating the ideal placement and easy access to toiletries. This prevents all the clutter surrounding the sink.

Having a recessed shelf in the shower makes for convenient storage of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners (4). A recessed light fitted to the top of the shelf adds a luxurious touch and lighting in the shower area.

Space Saving – Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Some space saving bathroom storage ideas include:

  • Built in storage makes the most efficient use of the space in a bathroom – as it is customised to your specific layout. Since the built in units will be painted and decorated to blend with the bathroom, it will make the space feel larger.
  • Make use of the walls as much as possible – over the toilet, above the sink, etc. Floating shelves, mirror cabinets, wall cabinets, or a shadow box mirror just like in picture (5) are some wall storage ideas. For more shelving ideas have a look here Design Guide: Bathroom Shelving Ideas Mood Board
  • The back of the bathroom door can be fitted with hooks or a towel bar helping to save space if you have a narrow bathroom.
  • If you have a bath, a simple plank of wood acts as an elegant shelf (6).
  • The storage tower unit in picture (7) is a smart design. It can be spun around to show different shelves. This is ideal if your bathroom is used by a number of people. Each side of the unit can be allocated to a different person.
  • In some bathrooms the space under the sink is wasted. This space can be fitted with shelves, draws, or can be curtained off for floor storage.

Furniture Ideas and Decorative Storage

More decorative storage ideas include using a ladder to hang up towels, just like the bathroom in picture (8). Wicker baskets are also great for storing fresh towels, linens, dirty laundry, and toilet rolls – and they look good too.

Invest in luxury items like the shaving set in picture (9) or the wooden toothbrush holder in picture (10). Leave these items out on display as the elegant craftsmanship of the pieces make them great decor pieces.

If the area around your sink suffers from clutter, get some clutter trays. By grouping everything in these trays you clean up the area a bit.

There is one last bathroom storage idea, this one is for people with large bathroom spaces. An island, like the ones you get in kitchens, can be fitted in a bathroom for added storage and countertop space (11). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

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