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Design Guide: Basement Lighting Ideas and Options

Basement Lighting Ideas

(1) Recessed lights are the standard and best way of adding lighting to a basement. A false ceiling is needed to fit these lights into, and since all the light fixtures are hidden away you are left with a sleek, clean and modern styled space. You can even hook the lights up to dimmer switches to easily change the mood in the basement.

(2) Cove lighting will make a finished basement feel large and grand. Light fixtures are hidden away and bounce light onto the ceiling and into the room. One way of doing this is to install a false ceiling and have a cut out (usually circular). Another way is to install crown molding a few inches below the ceiling and have lights sit on the molding.

(3) Basements can be very dark – so a safety concern is needing lights for the stairwell (especially in unfinished basements). A simple way to do this is to fit a light to wall above the door. Hanging lights are another option and also fitting lights low down on the walls by each step – or in the steps themselves as pictured.

(4) In the day time, there is no better way to light a basement than with natural daylight shining through windows.

(5) Lighting up the ceiling and all the corners of a basement will make the space feel large. Doing the opposite, avoid lighting the ceiling, will make the space feel cozy and secluded. This can be done by using a range of table and floor lamps. Another idea is to install dimmer switches so you can turn down the ceiling lights.

(6) Mood lights are another option when it comes to basement lighting ideas. These lights can also help create a cozier basement space. Pictured is the Yantouch Jellyfish. You can make it shine a specific color or have it cycle through different colors. Use bright green to brighten up the basement, or a deep red or blue to create a romantic movie night setting.

(7) Specific areas in a basement (such as bar tops, kitchen counters, desks, etc) will need task lighting. Hanging pendant lights bring light down from the ceiling and closer to the areas. Another way of adding task lighting is to use track lights. These can be angled to face a specific spot. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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