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Basement Ceiling Ideas From Cove to Fiber Optic Embedded

Basement Ceiling Ideas and Designs

The Drop Ceiling: The best way to make the basement feel like any other space in the house would be to use a drop ceiling. This will create a cozy setting, and also allows for recessed lights to be fitted (Design Guide: Basement Lighting Ideas and Options). A more stylized version of a drop ceiling would be a cove ceiling, which has light fixtures hidden away but bounces light onto the ceiling and into the room creating a grand setting – and making the room feel larger just like in picture (1). Or how about breaking up a basement layout by having a multi layered drop ceiling like in picture (2).

Unfinished: For unfinished basement ceilings, painting the beams, piping, wiring, and anything else up there one color will create a uniform look as seen in picture (3). For more ideas on what to do with an unfinished basement: Unfinished Basement Ideas For Making the Space Look and Feel Good.

Finished:  Simply painting the ceiling is one idea (have a look at our post here for color combinations: A Palette Guide To Basement Paint Colors). To get a bit more advanced you can go for a textured painted effect as seen in picture (4). For example you can create a marble look by sponging the paint, or create a linen texture with a special brush.

Large beams in a finished basement can also be painted. To add more style, crown molding can be fitted around them just like in picture (5).

Other Basement Ceiling Ideas: Other ceiling design options include having exposed wooden beams for a more rustic feel (Rustic Décor Ideas For a Basement) or use wooden panels. If you are planning on having a home theater in the basement, soundproofing the ceiling would be a good idea as well as having a fiber optic constellation ceiling – seen in picture (6) and in our Designs and Ideas For a Basement Home Theater post. 1/2/3/4/5/6

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